Adopt- A-Turtle


Nesting activity of adopted turtles can be tracked from our Turtle Activity page.

A special gift for friends and family!

CRP's Adopt-A-Turtle Kit is a wonderful gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and other special occasions. Pick from a list of turtles that have faithfully nested on Wassaw Island during previous seasons. 

Since loggerheads typically breed every 2 to 4 years, we can recommend individuals that will likely return to Wassaw in the upcoming season. Please note that we cannot guarantee that a turtle will return in a given year. You can “like” us on Facebook and check our website each summer to see if your Adopt-A-Turtle is seen during ANY given season. 

Once adopted, each turtle's nesting activity can be tracked during the season from our Turtle Activity page.

What is included in your Adopt-A-Turtle Kit? 

(1) List of adoptees and an adoption form
(2) Glass sea turtle ornament
(3) Picture of a nesting loggerhead
(4) CRP decal

How do I Adopt-A-Turtle?

Purchase your Adopt-A-Turtle kit below

Or send a check for $49.50 and your contact information to...

Caretta Research Project
PO Box 9841
Savannah, GA 31412-0041