Turtle Activity

Turtle Activity

Hatchling entering the big 'ol blue

Throughout the summer nesting and hatching seasons, CRP staff provide exciting updates from Wassaw Island every few days. Each post contains an update on the current nest count, exciting information on the nesting histories of Wassaw's most faithful turtles, announcements on Adopt-A-Turtle activity and funny anecdotes and stories from the field.

Come join the adventure and follow our updates on Facebook and Instagram (@carettaresearchproject). Our most recent turtle activity posts are available below!

You can also see the nitty gritty details of each nesting event and follow your Adopt-A-Turtle throughout the nesting season from the following link 

2024 Nesting Activity and Adopt-A-Turtles

and on the Maps below.

2024 Turtle Activity Update

Counts as of 29 June 2024

Nests: 158

Individual Turtles: 79

Nests Inventoried: 0

Hatchlings: 0

Turtle Activity Posts