Captains for Caretta

Captains for Caretta

Volunteer as a Boat Captain

Captains for Caretta help transport participants and supplies to and from Wassaw Island every Saturday from May-August

Are you a local boat owner? Do you want to help the turtles, but don't think working all night is right for you?

Join Captains for Caretta!

Caretta Research Project is always looking for boat captains to volunteer their time and boat to help transport people and supplies from the Landings Harbor Marina to Wassaw Island during the summer turtle season (May-August). Once delivered, Captains then transport the previous week of participants back to the Marina.

This is a great opportunity to help the turtle project, enjoy a couple hours on your boat and meet interesting people from all over the nation.

For more information, 

Call Kris at 912-704-9323